Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Her Smile Melts My Heart

Jenny Nai Nai has been telling me how Piper is in love with the highchair. Apparently she wants to sit in it all of the time and when another child sits in it, she cries. We had been debating on whether we needed a "soft" highchair. We have a pressback reproduction highchair that I love, but it is not comfy like the more modern styles. When Jenny initially told me, Mike and I went to Babies R Us, but I did not see anything that tempted me to by a soft one. Well, this picture certainly did. I am hitting Tar-J sometime this weekend to buy my gal a soft seat.

Look below and notice that her shoes and socks are off. Jenny said she has a real issue with this. The floors are tile and it is freezing inside - literally - apparently icicles hang from the ceiling. Piper refuses to keep socks and shoes on. Jenny said she tries and tries and Piper screams, cries and takes them off. Sounds like a bit of a sensory issue to me. Anyone know? Guess I need to read up on that. Doesn't she look like a puffy marshmellow?

I also have to mention that the top photo is one of the very first pictures since Philip Hayden that I can see true unguarded joy in her face. Her walls are coming down. Please pray that we are able to comfort her as she faces yet another transition. I can only imagine how terrifying and difficult it will be for her. I cannot wait till I see that same sweet smile in our home.


Joy said...

She's so cute!

About the shoes -- both of my girls have SPD so when you get her home, if she has sensory issues, I'm your gal... :-)

I only see things through adoptive and post-institutional lenses for my kids, not having any bio kids, so I'm not sure about the shoe thing. I know it can be sensory, but I'm sure there are non-SPD kids who don't like shoes.

My girls shed their shoes first thing when we walk thru the door and would go barefoot outside if I let them. But that's the least of their SPD. ;-)

Have a great day and here's to a speedy LOA. :-)


blessedmom said...

Get the Chair. She must have one. I love the smile too. So cute. We need LOA's NOW.