Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

It was late at night on Christmas Eve. Harrison was snug in his bed after a last minute need for a hot dog. The cookies and milk were waiting for Santa a.k.a. Mimmie, who hoped up on the table to play her part when we were not looking. Mommy and Daddy were able to sit and talk alone which is very rare with our crazy schedules. Of course, Hubs pulled his back out and can barely move which makes him a captive audience. As we prepared for sleep, we knew Piper was enjoying a day of Christmas parties. In fact, Santa was coming at 2.

Harrison woke up in the middle of the night to sleep on the couch and did not even notice the presents. This morning he woke us up with such magic in his voice. You see, apparently Santa was slow moving and Harrison caught a hold of him. Harrison's tale started with Santa coming down the chimney and Harrison pretending to be asleep. Then, as Santa was putting out the gifts, Harrison grabbed his coat and put him in the antique stove. As Harrison was looking over his presents, Santa slipped out. Harrison was so excited and made me feel many fabrics as he compared them to the feel of Santa's suit. Then, just like my sister and I used to do, he set about separating the gifts into piles.

As Harrison went to work, we started snapping the pictures. I am so happy to be able to capture this sweet picture of my girl on her 15th Christmas. It is our 14th Christmas together as I adopted her from the pound at 6 months. As usual, my sweet Mona Lisa loved to curl up in the presents, paper and fun when she wasn't curled up with us.

The opening of presents began and Harrison blessed us with one of his dances. Man, that boy can groove.

After the presents, fun and feast, I went to my computer. We had spoken to Piper Christmas morning. She was wearing the Christmas sweater we sent and the Rudolf slippers that used to be her brothers. They had already had one party and another one was coming up. Jenny Nai Nai was dressing up as Santa. Jenny was so sweet to send me my Christmas present in the form of pictures.

According to Jenny, my girl was a bit frightened of Santa. These pictures are priceless and we are so lucky we have the ability to talk to her and receive them. I cannot wait until she is with us for Christmas.

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Heather Thompson said...

Precious! Merry Christmas!!! SO happy you got to speak with both of your littles today:)
Heather (FL)