Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Christmas Present

Our LOA came today right at 3 p.m. Mike and Harrison ran to my office to sign it so that we could get it back in the mail for the agency to send to China. The LOA itself is a certificate with a red seal that shows the date that China approved us as Piper's parents.

Wanna guess when it was signed?

Christmas Day.

Amazing and my best gift ever!

Jenny also sent me another goodie today. Remember how I mentioned that Baby Sissy has a strange love for her highchair? Well, check out this picture. All the kids are sitting nice on the floor and there is Piper, smiling and playing in her chair. She has her big brother's Rudolph slippers on and looks like she is having so much fun! What a silly girl.


Kristin said...

What a wonderful Christmas present!

The Hindsman's said...

Very funny! I hope you have a chair for her.

Tiffany and Marty said...

Guess What!! My seales was dated Christmas Day too!!! That is amazing.

Torrie said...

Oh man... it's about time!!! What a great Christmas gift! You really are close now, promise.

Duchess of Lanier said...


Just checking in and so happy to see this. Hope I congratualated you on the message board as well.

And new photos, too?! Fabulous!

HAPPY 2009!!!

Chan said...


3 Peanuts said...

congrats! Your daugher is such a cutie!!!