Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank You Charlene!

This is why we had to wait so long. The above picture is Rivers and Piper. Rivers will be living a few states away and we are all so happy the girls can leave Eagles Wings together!

Hey lady, why are you taking pictures of me?

I'm sweet. Yup, I already have mommy and daddy wrapped around my finger!

Hi cutie patootie! These photos were taken just mere hours ago. My girl looks so big and so beautiful. Charlene said she was shy and sweet.


Sue said...

Two sweet little girls who are going to have their lives completely turned upside down by two wonderful families!!!!! I hope both of you get super speedy TAs and are off to China before we know it!!!!!!!!

Heather Thompson said...

I hope you'll be heading here soon! She is just amazing and is already so loved- I know you are ready to be here, so just start packing!!!

Patricia said...

So you are going to have a Piper too! She is adorable! congrats on the LOA!!