Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Still No LOA for Piper

LOA is the approval we are waiting for that China has said absolutely yes. Typically families are in China and home by now, but of course we are special. We are on about day 115+ or something and still no word. Also, our agency is not telling us anything. The lack of customer service and information is really concerning. I am sad and upset, but there is nothing we can do but wait.

So to cheer me up, here is an old adorable photo of my Minnie Mr. at his Montessori School that he used to go to. This was right before his first haircut and he looks so cute. His daddy dressed him for school pictures and put his pants on backwards. If I can find a full body shot I will post it because it is hilarious.


ABM said...

Hugs, sweetie:(

Heather said...

AAARRGGGHHH for the customer service and lack of LOA and information!

ADORABLE for that sweet face in the picture!

It will come- hang in there!

Jenny & Robert said...

I'm sorry Ashley. Gosh, 115+ days waiting on an absolute yes is tooooo long! I don't understand it at all. I'll bet you hear something for sure by Christmas! I just know it. This can't go on much longer. It just can't.
Oh that's a cutie patootie pic of your little dude. Little boys with ties are so sweet!

The Hindsman's said...

What a cutie!!

Kristin said...

I am so sorry about the LOA news. I haven't been following the latest trends at all. Is this typical? You've been logged in for a long time so I am confused as to why it would take so long for this magical paper to arrive. I have a friend with another agency who is now on day 139 or so.

Just amazing. And very sad.

Love the picture of the Minnie Mr! Too cute!! Can't wait to meet him in "real life".

littlemrs said...

That officially sucks!!!! We are thinking of you guys every day. Emma was riding along in the car with us yesterday - and right out of the blue announced "I really miss H" That was it. Nothing else. Just that statement. And then to see that sweet picture of the Minnie Mr - bought back lots of memories. Why do the holidays have to bring back so many memories. the memories are all great - but it's so hard to know that you are all so far away from us now!

Sue said...

DEFINTELY a big pick-me-up!!!! What a cute photo!! And I so hope you find the full shot - those backward pants must be too crazy!!

So sorry about the lack of info on your LOA. Very diappointing to hear they are not being helpful. Fingers crossed you will hear something soon!!!

Joy said...

I'm so sorry it is taking a long time to get your LOA. :-(


Torrie said...

So sorry, Ashley. This is so frustrating for you, I know, especially during the holidays. ((HUGS))
Your son is so adorable. Let me know if you need more info on gluten-free living, btw. I can hook you up!
Hang in there.

Duchess of Lanier said...

still watching and hoping for LOA's like three weeks ago for you!

adorable photo while you wait. must be such an exciting age for Christmas coutndown.

question about shipping the big box of toys... i've been sending the flat rate square box, but the big boxes look less expensive. i must be missing something. did you ship through regular post office? would appreciate advice on your experience.

thanks and fingers crossed for you!