Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Mountain House

Here is a small glipse of the Mountain House. We try to go up two times a month and hopefully we are headed there this weekend. It is Harrison's favorite place to go!


Kristin said...

And according to Harrison, it's mommy's favorite place to go also! How great to have a get-away. :-)

Sue said...

Wow - I have to show my DH your place. He has been talking about a great vacation house exactly like your mountain house!!! Maybe someday....

Have a fun weekend!

Heather said...

You are so funny- don't blog for FOREVER then blog a ton all at once! I remember seeing those cute sweats on your blog with no body in them. So who couldn't adore the sweats on Piper's sweet self!

Love love love the hair!!! Her hair is stunning- dark black, thick, beautiful!

Harrison hogging the spot light is SO funny! And the Easter basket in jammies is so how we open Easter baskets. I didn't even post them because hair does were so outrageous!

Wishing we could see you too! Who knows a meet and greet could one day be possible.