Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Girl In Her Jammies

Jenny just sent me these two pictures. They are both outfits that we sent in the last package. I loved the ladybug outfit, but I am thrilled to see it is too small. It is 18 months and I had sent it because Jenny said the 24 months were running a bit large. Can you see that belly? Wow!
The other picture shows her super warm jammies that I found at Tuesday Morning. They are way too hot for Georgia living, but perfect for cold China. Also, do you see how she is sleeping? That is how my Minnie Mr. sleeps --- side to side.


Sue said...

So Sweet!!! Love her funny face in the first pic! And yes, her little belly sticking out is very cute!!
How amazing you have contact w/ the foster home..... I'm sure every photo just puts you over the moon!!!

Heather Thompson said...

You are SO fortunate to have this contact!!! She is just precious!

ABM said...

I don't know why, but she so reminds me of you in that first pic. Maybe it's the zoned-out stare:) (Just Kiddin'):)