Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Crew

Saturday was Mama Drama Mama's birthday. Unfortunately, Mr. Mama Drama Mama and Hubs both had to work so we all ended up at my house. The kids played and Mama Drama Mama and I had some "night caps." Yes, we are going to use that term now that MDM has turned 29. No, you did not read that wrong, she is 29. Doesn't that stink? It makes me feel like an old lady. For crying out loud, she isn't even old enough to adopt from China.

I took several pictures of her, but they did not pass clearance for the blog. Since it is her birthday, I decided she could veto them. I thought that was a nice present. Actually, MDM has wanted a fry daddy for a long time so that morning I told the Minnie Mr. that we had to go to Wallie to get MDM a fry daddy. His response:

Mom, Miss Kim cannot fry daddy. She needs to pick a present that is not a person.

It was so funny that I immediately wrote it down. Unfortunately, I thought that Wallie's fry daddys were very tiny and I could not understand what one would fry in it. So, MDM got a card and a few "night caps." We should have gotten her Depends since she is so darn old.

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