Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to work...well, sort of

When Nanni received her diagnosis I immediately left work. My firm was so incredibly understanding even though it has been a huge burden for them. Their understanding and compassion has been unbelievable.

Well, today was the day that my 12 week federal leave was to end but I just couldn't do it. At first I thought I would just go in the office a few days a week and then telecommute for the rest. I had that all set up, but knowing what I know about pancreatic cancer I just couldn't do it.

I talked with my bosses and the were wonderful enough to allow me to work from home hourly - as much or as little as I felt I could do. I started today and while it was a little tough with a 3 year old hanging on my leg, I think it is going to work really well.

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