Monday, February 9, 2009

Piper's Medical Exam

As part of the required adoption process, the children all have to go through a "Medical Exam" on Shamian Island. Mike and Harrison stayed home since only one parent was required and I had seen pictures of how packed it got in the exam rooms. The exam itself was a silly. We got held up and had to stay later because the "doctors" did not see Piper's strabismus. The paperwork all said post surgery, but they still didn't understand why they were not crossed. Three doctors were called in and all were fighting. Piper was screaming and they were trying to pull her eyelids open. On top of that they thought she could not hear because they were squeezing a dog squeak toy by her ear and since she was screaming her head off she was not reacting. The whole experience was very concerning, but I heard that almost everyone else's went well.
On the way back to the hotel right as I was about to get upset and cry, I came upon a dead rat. That distracted me so much because it was huge and I had to step on it that I ran across the street and was completely distracted. When I got back to the hotel before I could even mention the rat, Harrison told me that he had a dream that Nannie told him that she sent Poppa (Mike's dad) into the hole in the ground to get the rat (we had seen a rat running into a hole the night before). I asked Mike when Harrison first told him that and he said that while I was at the medical appointment, Harrison woke up and told Mike about his dream. When I told Harrison about the rat that I had to step over, he was so excited because that was the rat Nannie sent Poppa to get. Of course knowing my mother and my father-in-law, I have no doubt it was my father-in-law that would find it oh so humorous to place the dead rat right in front of me and my mother encouraging him since I am so hard-headed and told her that the "signs" had to be obvious!


littlemrs said...

oh my gosh - that whole medical experience sounded awful - and made even more awful by the incompetence of the doctors!! I'm glad it's all over though and that you made it through. The story of the rat was just lovely - we have a mouse in our house if you want to come and practice your mouse catching skills - he is VERY stubborn and refusing to be caught and it's doing my head in!!!! Gross!!!!

blessedmom said...

I didn't know this happened at the exam. I am so sorry. I hate to see you guys leave tomorrow, but know you are ready to get to Disney. Have fun.