Friday, September 19, 2008

Cuteness for the weekend!

I am headed to a work party tomorrow at Lanier with my #1 minnie man. Then, my minnie and I are headed for a night in the mountains. So, to tide you over (ok, really tide me over) for the weekend, here is some cuteness of the prettiest girl in China. These photos are from Eagles Wing III so they have been in the last 6 weeks. I would have to check my dates, but I believe they were from when she first arrived which is why she looks so timid. Oh, and great news...she is feeling much better!

Pippidy Piper, we love you!

Saturday's update. I just received even more photos of Baby Sissy from when she was a baby. I counted quickly and it looks like I have 35 total. Do you realize how amazing this is? Children usually are adopted with absolutely no history or life story to hold onto throughout their life. While there is still much that I do now know, the amazing people that I have met are helping me piece together Piper's life story. This is such a wonderful journey! I cannot wait to post more when I return next week.


Joy said...

Ashley, you are so blessed! Yes, it is very rare to get information on your child from China. This is a VERY good thing. To know she is happy and healthy while she waits for you is wonderful!

Here's to speedy travel.

Joy B
May 07 DTC/LID group

Kristin said...

How wonderful to have so many early pictures! I have several of Abby but only one or two of Anna. Having those early photos will be priceless for you.

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Jenny & Robert said...

Yes this is very exciting to read! I couldn't imagine! You need to check out Stefanie's Ni Hao Ya'll blog. Good stuff over there ...
Jenny G.

Margaret Miracle said...

I am so happy that you will have all of those pictures to share with Piper one day. That is trully a blessing!!!

Mom To Six said...

She looks so much like our own China Princess. Too cute. What a blessing to have so many pictures.