Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom's bithday. This time last year we all gathered for what we knew would be her last birthday. Today started off as a real stinker and I still cannot get moving past my shower, but look what present Jenny Nai Nai sent my way that was waiting for me in my inbox when I woke up.

I think my sweet angel looks sad, but I do love the pictures. The last one was taken after her shower when she asked her Nai Nai to put pretties in her hair. Please, Please, Please China get me through review so I can bring her home!


ABM said...

The picture of her sitting in the plastic container is adorable. M sits in her little plastic wheelbarrow or the laundry basket all the time:) Come on LOA!

Kristin said...

What a great present for today! I know you've had a hard day. I read this earlier today but didn't have time to post a comment during lunch. I've been thinking of you all day though. Enjoy the memories of your mom. She sounds like she was an amazing mom and grandmother!!

Heather said...

She won't be sad much longer! Soon she'll be in the arms of a family who love her SSSSSSSOOOOOOOO MUCH! All the world will be well for her. Hang in there. I am so excited that you too have so many pictures of your little miss. It makes the time a bit more painless for me just to be able to see her sweet face.