Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Love Is Amazing

The process of adopting has been one of the most emotional and heart wrenching experiences of my life.

It has also been the most amazing for the simplest of reasons.

The fact that we can fall in love with a picture and a story of a little girl that lives on the other side of our planet that, in reality we really do not know.

The fact that our love grows as she is growing in China just as our love for Harrison grew as he was growing in my stomach.

The fact that we have met people that have touched our lives in such a profound way in America, England, Australia and China whose love over this little girl has helped make her who she is and has made us better people.

The fact that we have the rarest of opportunities to talk and see our sweet angel.

The fact that we have peace as we lay our heads down knowing that Piper is being hugged and kissed and adored despite not having a mommy and daddy by her side.

The fact that each day brings new discoveries for us and new ways to meet our daughter.

It is a profound and amazing love.

The love is Piper.

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