Sunday, September 28, 2008

For The Little Mrs.

The Minnie Mr. asked me to transcribe this word for word for The Little Mrs. He stood over my shoulder the entire time making sure I was typing. Of course, he had no idea what I was typing, but he seemed to trust me.

Dear Emma,

Emma, I don't have a house. One is sold and one is not. There is one house that we have not sold. We have two houses and one is not sold. We have another one that is Lake Cove but we selled it. We selled the Lake Cove one.

(No, the house is not sold. not sure where this is coming from, but I sure wish it was sold! By the way, I am selling your house Thursday morning. Can't wait to go shopping with all your proceeds...hehehehehe).

Thank you Emma for staying here and not going to Australia for a bit.

Thank you Emma for my day and thank you very much for staying here with me and not going to Australia right away.

I love you so much that it makes my heart really dismappointed (disappointed) and I love you so much it makes my tummy dismaappointed and I don't like how my tummy feels.

( I almost did not make it through this part...phooey on you for moving across the planet!)

I want to say that I really love you and my mommy wants to ask you something and she wants to take you a hug. I have one house that is not selled. (apparently the real estate market is getting to him). It is going to take a bit to sell my old house so please do not go in it while it is trying. thank you very much and we are going to say goodbye. I love you.

I say goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, its time to go. I have to leave you but I must really say...goodnight from CDA.

(This is his version of my old sorority song, but it is supposed to be ZTA. Now he is singing it in a monster voice. He wants me to make sure I am telling you he sounds like a monster and he sang this 3 times, but I just typed this so he thinks I am typing the song).

Oh, I have one baby thing for Ethan.

Baby Ethan, I want to say a funny thing. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I love you Ethan. The bad news is ....I love you so much Ethan.


Crikey, that is a big one.

(Ok, this was actually after Mike said it, but you know how he likes to sound all smart using the "lingo" - such a dork!)

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is ...ugggh....ummmm. The bad news is ...know what Ethan, its a stick tank (not sure what this is, but I asked twice for clarification and he is adamant). The good news is that I like you so much Ethan, it makes me cry. Gaa gaa goo goo

Thank you Mat. Thank you Lisa for my day. Thank you very much.

That is all I want to say.


The Hindsman's said...

Ok, that is just too darn cute!

Little Mrs said...

That is very impressed. YOu are going to freak out when you see me. No don't say that!!!! Pot. I don't want to say pot. I didn't want to say Pot. I paint. I coloUred. I'm painting at night time. I went to Eli's. I played with Wilson. Wilson really likes me. He pulls everything off and he poors water. He doesn't like him. He just likes me. All the time. The chickens were a rooster and a hen. They lay eggs all the time for Eli so she doesn't have to go to the store to get some eggs. They are going to be baby chicks in a minute. Love me and Emma and Harrison and EThan and Mum and Mat. Love from Emma. DW guide from Preschool. I'll meet you there in a couple of days I want to say thank you for the writing. The note that you gave me. I'm sending you an email because you such good writing because I gave you an envelope of ah hhaaaaa. I gave you a letter so you know your my favorite person. That's it.