Friday, October 3, 2008

Qing Qing

I received this email from the foster group, COAT, that Baby Sissy is living with. These are an amazing group of people that are doing everything possible to give the kids there love and support. Jenny and Linda said we could email or distribute this information around. The story is beautiful, couragous, and heartbreaking. Then, you see the picture and those descriptions amplify by 100. Qing Qing is stunningly beautiful. I know there are people out there that would be honored to call her their daughter.

If you can help....even if it is $5, please make a donation to COAT. Our family set up a monthly donation to help support a "bed" at Eagles Wing. This will allow a child to be fully funded and/or allow another child to come. Eagles Wings has 22 children, but room for 75. They just need the funds since they receive no funding. If you have anything to spare, please consider making a donation. For US citizens, you can make a tax deductible donation through Love Without Boundaries.

Go to the “donation button”, donate to the “general fund”, but in the “note” write For COAT.Make sure your name, your reason for the donation and the amount are written clearly in the spaces provided. Sheri Russon then ensures that a copy of your donation is emailed to COAT and the money is deposited into the COAT account quarterly.Your receipt from LWB makes you eligible for tax deduction, which is not available to sponsors from other countries (yet). If you are able to make a donation, I would love it if you would email me the confirmation at so that I could directly email it to Linda and Jenny and show them that people do care and do want to make a difference for Qing Qing. This will allow them to be aware of the donation before the quarterly transfer from LWB.

Meet Qing Qing ~

I have loved this little girl from the first time I saw her in the orphanage . She would look at me with those big eyes and plead to come to EW3. She has captured my heart. She is so happy to be here and is a very good girl

She will be 6yrs old in January 25th

Her disability is Spina bifida, which is the incomplete formation of the spine and spinal cord which occurs during the first month of a baby's development in the womb. We brought her a bike which is controlled by the steering to help her get around and she also crawls. She cannot walk.

Up till now we have had a teacher working here and she has been in the class but from tomorrow she will climb down the steps (5 flights)and up again twice a day to attend Xi Wang Le Yuan (COAT’s school in the orphanage).

She is a very confident little girl who is able to most things for herself.

She is incontinent, but she takes this in her stride and likes a shower every day and can change her incontinence underwear well and does so at least four times every day. Linda buys these in $1000 lots which makes them a little cheaper, but they are still 2.5Y each, but our philosophy is that if she needs them, she should have them and Our Father, the Father of Orphans and Husband of widows (well Linda is a widow J) will supply all our needs. Prior to our finding these disposable undies, the children with spina bifida, no matter how old they were, were made to sit on a pot or a bucket all day and to scoot along on the bucket if they wanted to go anywhere. We did have a sponsor who sponsored these undies, but they stopped sponsoring. But don’t worry, that is why we have a “general fund” ... to make up the difference when this happens.

She loves to go to the park, loves special treats (eating) and wears a beautiful smile.

Jenny Nai Nai

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Jenny & Robert said...

You are so right. It is truly a tragedy and so so heartbreaking to know this is happening. We will do this. I do love also that LWB has those gift certificates you can buy under their 'store' link and you can designate who to send the card/donation to in someone's honor. We are going to do this instead of giving out Christmas presents this year. Our little nieces and nephews have everything they need and this money can instead go to those who need basic care.
Love ya!