Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Passports, Cameras, Oh My!

Remember I told you I was a procrastinator? Well, that comes in handy when you are fearful of doing something ... especially when that something is a fairly easy task.

Some of you know that for the past 15 months we have been living in a tad bit of limbo between 2 houses because our house will not sell. Well that is all fine and dandy when you want to bring your peeps over to the "clean" house, but not so fine and dandy when you are trying to look for something.

So, here is my problem....I cannot find our passports. We always kept them in the same spot, but that was before our limbo living. I checked the safety box at the bank - no luck, I checked a few places in one dwelling - no luck, tried a few places in the other dwelling - no luck. Then, I went to where they used to be ... the master bedroom dresser. Well, the dresser isn't there. What? Panic! Turns out hubs took the dresser to storage as a sweet favor to "stage" the house and its in the VERY BACK of the packed storage place.

Instead of going to storage, I choose to sit around and panic. I am afraid to go look, because I really do not think they are in there. If they are not in there, I have NO IDEA where they are. We are still waiting on LOA, but I do not want to the rush costs to expedite everyone's passport. Help!

Then, to make matters a tad worse...I have lost my camera. It is not a super fancy one, but I would take it everywhere. Plus, it had pictures of care packages and of all of the wonderful, glorious presents that an angel (aka Sue) sent to me. I am bummed. It could be around, but I cannot find it.

The passports mixed with the camera are just too much. I know I need to "put on my big girl pants," as my mother used to like to say, and suck it up and start the search. Perhaps I should have hubbs hit me with his tazer...he has been looking for a victim.

Also, since I have no pictures of my stunning and handsome littler puker man (who has not puked since our fabulous first impression with the PTC group), I must leave you with this edible picture of my girl...
No Hair, No Worries!
Also, I could be wrong, but it looks like is moving her hand into position for a rendition of "and the call me minnie me" from Austin Powers ... wadda-ya think?


The Hindsman's said...

Go for it! Look in the storage. I bet it is there.

Oh, you lucky momma! I love the picture.

Sue said...

Oh my. Lots of stress over finding these passports and camera! Yup....you will have to get to that storage place....fingers crossed they are there! And that camera will show up...hopefully soon!

Love the new pic! What a sweetie pie!

Kristin said...

Go check the storage! They've got to be there!!!!

I hate it when I can picture where something "used" to be but have no idea where it is now. That would be my classroom. I am forever searching for things. :-)

Love the new Piper picture!

Jenny & Robert said...

Awww...didn't she just get a haircut though? Hmm. She is still a cutie patootie!
O.K. Ms. Ashley. Go check in the storage this very minute! If not there, go through one room at a time in your current house, then same thing at your other house.
If can't find after a thorough search, I'd stick an app. in the mail for sure.
I am sure it is around somewhere. It's gotta be! These things usually turn up in the most unusual places.

Margaret Miracle said...

Hope you find them soon! I know that is adding stress!