Friday, September 19, 2008

Tonight's Prayer

Tonight's prayer was a real doozie....

Thank you God, for your blessings.

Thank you for the F word.

Thank you for mommy and the F word

Thank you for Mona, Mimmie, Bass and the F word.


I was a little taken aback, but figured I shouldn't make a big deal about it. Then, I started my prayer....

Thank you God for my son, Harrison.

I went on to tell of our wonderful time last night at Tyrone's fair and how Harrison danced to the music, we walked hand-in-hand, and how we had so much fun...until I was interrupted.

No, Mommy, that is not the right prayer.

Ok, Harrison what is the right prayer?

Thank you God for the F word. The F word is the best word. Amen.

Sound a bit suspicious?

Harrison started learning his first letter this week in school during writing time. Wanna guess what the first letter is? The letter is "F." It has made a big impact. I think unfortunately, that the adult meaning of the phrase "The F Word" will have more meaning in several years [I hope at least 30 :) ] when he realized how hilarious and priceless tonight's prayer was.

So tonight, I too thank God for the F word and for giving me the opportunity to realize just how much the F word means to a 4 year old.

Also, after prayers Harrison wanted to learn a song (he is VERY theatrical). I couldn't think of one so I sang him one from my sorority days...A ZTA Goodnight. He nailed it and after about 15 performances he had to call "Aunt" Heather for a performance of it on her cell phone.

His version was just a little different.

Mine: A Zeta Goodnight, Goodnight, Goodnight, well it's time to go...

His: I say Goodnight, Goodnight, Goodnight cause I have to go...

Mine: Goodnight from Z T A

His: Goodnight from C D A

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