Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thank you Secret Pal

We have the best Secret Pal who surprised us this weekend with a lot of goodies. I was so surprised to get the package and was thrilled to see what was in it. Take a look at all of our great things for Baby Sissy....

Harrison was thrilled to see that he also had an awesome special present....3D sidewalk chalk. I thought it must be a gimmic, but it really was 3d. Super Cool!!!!! My super sweet lovie even posed for our Secret Pal!

Thank you Secret Pal - you are the best!


Anonymous said...

Cute presents for the kiddos. What a handsome fella too!
Jenny G.
from CCAI

Sue said...

Cool gifts! Especially love the cute hat! What a nice gift for your son - looks like some pretty nifty sidewalk chalk!