Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Little More About My Illness!

I sent the boys away again this past weekend so I could work. I have found that these weekends is when my "illness" really flares up! Saturday morning I woke up after a great sleep alone in the big bed. This is very special because my typical options are 3 in the big bed or Mommy upstairs in the single. I can't remember a time when Daddy was banished to the single or when Harrison was in the single. Since we moved houses we haven't "officially" moved in so none of us have "our" bedrooms, which are still at the old house. Anyway...I made myself pancakes which I had been craving for a week and then painted one of Harrison's walls. If this wasn't procrastination enough, I then crawled back into bed. I finally pulled my body out at noon, took a shower and left for work.
Did I make it? Of course not directly. I decided that I needed to walk the lake in Tyrone for some exercise before I sat on my hinny all day. I did that and decided I had to pop my head into my favorite consignment shop - The Red Door. Knowing already that I had an illness, I left my wallet in the car. You would think that would work, but no. See I consign there so I have a nice "account" -- kind of like Norm at Cheers. I checked my balance and went shopping with $2 to spare. Here is what Baby Sissy received......

First, an all white church dress with tags on it. The moment I saw it I decided like Brangelia I too would dress my new child all in white :)

The next outfit is a cutie patootie crab outfit. Plus I LOVE orange -- perhaps its because growing up my sister said I had orange hair or maybe its because its a color that Harrison looks so handsome in. Anyway, lets hope Baby Sissy looks good in it too!

This next one was the most "worn" of them all, but for $3 who can argue. It's really cute and I think the day that Baby Sissy wears it that I will force her to pose for a million pictures in Harrison's cowboy bedroom.

And because I have been neglecting the clothing needs of the wonderful, brilliant and handsome young man that I actually have, I picked up a cute "big boy" crab t-shirt. Harrison loves his t-shirts big just like his Mommy & Daddy.

Ok so after the pancakes, the painting, the nap, the walk, the shopping and then a quick stop by Publix, I did work from 2:30 till 7:00 when I had to go to the fabric store :)

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Jenny & Robert said...

You're too funny! OK so I will post now the most recent outfits hubby has bought little gal. I keep telling him he really needs to stop this. It's getting ridiculous! :) But who am I to say? I love consignment shops too. I will even post what we bought one time. I really need to go back. Ohhh don't get me started! Love the cow outfit too...
Jenny G.