Thursday, June 26, 2008

Minnie Mr. & Drama Mama

Harrison has been spending the week with the Drama Mama while I work. Miss Kim, the Drama Mama's mom, sent over these pictures and I think they are adorable and hilarious at the same time. Kim and I were laughing how the first one looks totally like how a couple would sit on the couch. The girl trying to cozy into the guy's body and the guy totally oblivious and leaning the other way. Too funny!
These are also a perfect example of what happens to Harrison when he is over tired - his face literally almost turns purple. Take a good look at his eyes and coloring in the photos...he can barely make it across the street at the end of the day to sleep.
Besides the joking, aren't they gorgeous together? It would be nice if they dated when they got older, but Miss Kim and I think we are going to prohibit it as the two of them combined are HIGH HIGH DRAMA!

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