Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Sissy is on a roll!

Wow, Baby Sissy is getting popular with the mail carrier!!!!

This weekend I received another envelope for BS with more fabric. This fabric is so adorable and unlike anything we have received yet. It is bright with little frogs on it and so so so so cute! It perfect for us because literally wherever I have lived in my adult life -- Charleston, Birmingham, Ellijay, Newnan and Sharpsburg - I have always had a frog that hangs out by my door at night. Lately the frog has been really little and I call him Freddie. I believe actually that my frog's name has always been Freddie now that I think about it, regardless of the frog or the location.
This fabric is from my "friend" Cathy from my CCAI waiting child group. I have friend in quotes because while I consider all of my online friends - friends, I have no idea who Cathy really is. Hopefully one day I will get to know her better and get to meet her new little one. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy because it doesn't do justice to the fabric which is bright and vibrant.

Thanks Cathy!!!

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