Friday, June 27, 2008

Boy, Yesterday Was Tough

Yesterday families from my agency announced the referrals that they received off of the paper list sent to my agency a couple of weeks ago. The kids are all adorable, but there is this one that really jumped out at me. Why...Because she fit our profile except for age. When a family fills out their MCC they put an age range. This little one was 3 months older than our age range so she went to a family 6 months behind us in the MCC line. She is adorable and I am sure that her family is over the moon. Selfishly, it was just so hard to look at her pictures because we too would have been over the moon with her referral. Hubbs got upset and wanted to know why the agency wouldn't have called us about her, but its really our fault for setting the age limit as we did. We can only hope that this is all designed to bring us to the child that we were meant to parent.
Congratulations to those families that can finally announce their referrals! Oh and if anyone is looking for an older girl, our agency has a STUNNING 12 year old girl that I would love to see get a home.

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Heather said...

Yes- it is tough! But when you look into the eyes of your beautiful daughter- all the toughness will go away! I am sure of it! It happened with our adoption of our son and I can only imagine it will happen with our Lillian.

Hang in there-