Thursday, February 5, 2009

Movie Time with Brother

This is how we spent our evening. It is so cute to see them together. Mike was exhausted today and fell asleep around 8. I have started to get sick and have opened up my antibiotics. I hope they kick in soon. Harrison looks exhausted and is not eating much and we are all a bit run down. I am really looking forward to heading to clearer air.


Jess and Tim said...

Piper looks so happy with you! She is loving her brother! Thank you for all your pictures! I cannot wait until we can get our son! Enjoy the rest of your trip and a good idea to stay in and rest a bit!

HT said...

Isn't harrison at least eating the food you brought? You know aunt heather wants him to be big and strong and he needs his flinstone, vitamin C and sleep! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for all of you. I hate to hear you're getting sick!

Heather Thompson said...

Those two adorable kids of yours!! Couldn't you just eat them up?! I hope your med's are working and you're feeling better. drink LOTS of water and get some rest.
Heather (FL)