Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Final Moment with Jenny Nai Nai

Our visit to Eagles Wings was rushed and chaotic. We literally were herded up the stairs, entered, had about 5 minutes and were told to leave by our guide. As you can imagine, that did not go over very well. I went into Jenny's office to unload everything and told the guide I would be there in a moment. Fortunately we were able to do everything quickly.

We are so incredibly blessed that Piper was at Philip Hayden and Eagles Wings. She was so loved at taken care of at both foster homes. Our trip to Eagles Wings concerned us since Piper had such a hard time when we met. However, once we walked in I knew we were ok. Piper hugged and kissed her nannies and Jenny, but she wanted her Mommy. When I put her down to love on her bestie, You Peng, she pushed him out of the way. I just kept on loving on him. He is so precious and loves her so much. As soon as he saw her, she told her that she had on new shoes. It was priceless and heartbreaking to have to leave these children behind. You Peng was on our agency's list and no one chose him as their son. That makes saying goodbye even harder.
We were all amazed at how well Piper did. We were the last ones to leave and as we left, Piper said Goodbye in Chinese and I love you. She waived to Jenny Nai Nai and her friends as she was carried out with me. The whole time we were there she was talking and singing in my ear. I wish I knew what she was saying, but I think she was telling her Mommy all about her home and friends.

This is her last kiss with Nai Nai. Piper left for Jenny Nai Nai a necklace engraved with "Loving You To The Moon and Back, Qiu Han." We hope that Jenny likes it.
P.S. Piper loves looking at pictures on the blog of Jenny. She touches the screen, smiles and says "Nai Nai" over and over. It is obvious how much she loves her.


littlemrs said...

Well - all these millions of pictures just made my day. I am so pleased that your last day visiting Jenny was as easy as it was. Isn't it just wonderful to know that there are people in the world like Jenny who so genuinely and unconditionally love these children - falling in love and knowing that they will be having to say goodbye any day. She must truly be such an incredible lady. I love her and i haven't even met her. It really looks like Piper has taken to you all. Even if she isn't loving on Mike quite yet - the fact that she is so comfortable with the 3 of you as a family points to the fact that she will. So - do you know how old Piper is 'officially'? love and hugs coming your way from australia.

Marcy said...

okay...that is heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. Praise God for people like Jennie Nai Nai.

HT said...

precious little picture of piper and jenny nai nai, you should frame it. glad the visit went well, although short, sounds like it went much better than expected. and piper is totally loving on her mommy!! glad the connection is more instant on the trip!

Sue said...

Oh how wonderful!!! It sounds like being able to say goodbye to nai nai has helped her process this transition. How lucky Piper was to be in two wonderful places where she was loved and excellently cared for. And lucky she is now in her forever family!!!
Hopefully Piper will open up to daddy. Our J was a daddy's girl for our adoption trip....which was terribly hard on me....but she finally opened up! so much for them to go through, but she will learn how much fun daddy is!

Lisa said...

Your journey to this moment truly amazes me! As for Piper's sleeping habits, I am glad to hear that she is now showing her true self to you - that's a sign of comfort and love.

Heather said...

This makes me want to sing for joy and cry at the same time. I know how hard it much be to see the ones left behind in hopes of a family, but to know one comes home forever to you-- so JOYFUL!

I am so grateful Piper knew who her family was despite the comfort of being back at Eagle's Wing. That had to be a happy moment for mommy!

The Hindsman's said...

Oh, I am crying...That is so sweet, I know they all love each other so much. That was her family.

Chan said...

I am tearing up reading this. Thanks for keeping us updated.