Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Smile....It's Chemo!!!

Who do you think smiles for photos during chemo??? Nanni, of course!
Every Monday Nanni, Pa and I set out for chemo. We like to think we are the life of the party there, and the truth is...we probably are! Our routine is that we all go to see the Doc together and then Nanni and I get the chemo. She likes for me to stay with her to chat.
Although she does get a bit upset sometimes if people aren't doing well, we have met some really wonderful people in the chemo chairs. Most are even jealous that Nanni has hair and you know she loves that! She even runs her fingers through it for added effect!

We try to have the best time possible at chemo and it turns out to be one of Nanni's best days. Tomorrow we are a bit off schedule for chemo b/c the doc is in Greece so we are going on a Wednesday and Tanta gets to come. I will likely go run some errands during the infusion so that Tanta can sit by her. Nanni is really enjoying having Tanta here!
P.S. This picture was taken before her recent procedure so she is no longer yellow as she appears if you enlarge the photo...its a good thing!

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