Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comparison Shopping Paid Off!

Thank Goodness ... The Boys finally decided on a tractor.

Poor Lowe's had mislabeled one of their tractors and low and behold my hubby exploited their mistake. See, H's Daddy had been "cruising" Lowe's for some time looking at all the tractors. He saw one that seemed to stick out for the price on the label. Turns out, poor Lowe's had put a much lower grade tractor tag on this big doozie tractor. Thus...the plan began.

We must have gone over the "arguement" 100 times. Finally, I offered to go instead to get the tractor b/c I told him that I wasn't worried about walking out without it. That certainly put H's Daddy into the perfect frame of mind and off he went. He was so incredibly proud when he came back with the tractor. Of course, we haven't mowed the grass yet, but we have ridden it up the driveway about 20 times. We use it like our golfcart :)

The pics are from later that day when it was delivered. H had been playing naked slip and slide outside so the pictures are a little X-rated.

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