Sunday, July 27, 2008

Adoption News...(not good)

Forgot to tell everyone, after all the ups and downs we have officially been put on "hold" by our agency because of our immigration status. Do you remember how I have asked every month about being in jeopardy of being skipped and I have been told that everything is fine....well, exactly one week after a little heart to heart with my agency and being given some possitive news....I received a message that a referral will not be given until our immigration papers are renewed. Seems a bit unfair considering everything is set for immigration except our updated home study which happens on Tuesday. Needless to say if this whole process hadn't already turned me into an emotionless crabby person, I would probably be a basketcase. But now...oh well what can I do...complain? I am actually really good at that :)


Sue said...

ARghhhhhhh!!!!! It sounds like they dropped the ball on that one and you definitely have full rights to gripe and be crabby. Have my fingers crossed that your SW and USCIS will make it happen quickly!!!

Heather said...

OH Ashley! I want to cry with you!

This process can seem really unfair at times- but have faith- these little bumps in the road are for a reason. Maybe that perfect daughter's file is not in the hands of CCAI yet. It is worth the wait for the right child! Believe me!