Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Philip Hayden Foundation

There are several organizations in China that are working hard to make a big difference in the care that China's children receive. One of those very special organizations is called the Philip Hayden Foundation. This organization is truly amazing.

Phillip Hayden was a young American teacher who traveled to China to teach the young children. Along his life's journeys he met Tim and Pam Baker who quickly became his friends helping alongside him in China. Unfortunately at age 28 Philip unexpectedly died of an unknown heart issue. As an incredible testament of friendship and dedication to their life's passion, Tim and Pam Baker created the Philip Hayden Foundation.

Throughout our adoption journey we have thought about how wonderful it would be if our child would be at one of these specialized facilities. The chances are slim, the odds not in our favor, but the care so superb that you can only hope and dream. Luckily we have a few VIPs whispering in God's ear!


Sue said...

Wow... that is totally awesome!!! A friend got her sn referral last month w/ CCAI and her DD is at a foster care place in Beijing. Very very cool that our agency is getting files from children in these awesome facilities!!! Also must feel good to know there will probably be much more med info and photos/reports on her!!! Can't wait to hear more....as I'm sure you're about to burst!

Blogging2china said...

The suspense is killing me:)


Heather said...

I looked up the foundation and WOW! I just looked at those little faces and WONDERED!