Thursday, July 9, 2009

URGENT - Adorable 15 Month Old Girl - File Going Back July 15th


We received a file of a little girl who is 15 months old. She is adorable and sassy in every way. She has bilateral microtia/atresia. A CAT scan has been done with a good prognosis. Unfortunately, we decided not to pursue this little girl. I have asked and received permission from the agency to advocate and see if we can find a family ASAP.

I have photos and contact information if anyone is interested. I KNOW that this little girl has a family waiting for her. We just need to find 5 days.

Please friends, help me spread the word about Min Wei. Email me or Wasatch for more information.


Lori said...

Ok, not a blogger expert, I don't see your email...I have a LID 1/11/07, so thinking about pursuing SN..I am hearing impaired myself.(I don't have a SN HS) in Texas..


Lori said...

I see that you are keeping the replies unposted, so I thought I would send you my email address if you want to send me more info. I can get my Otolaryngolist involved.

Lori Goldsmith
my agency is A Helping Hand in KY..but I am in Dallas.

Heather said...

WHAT-- are you pursuing another adoption already!!!! Did I miss something!? How exciting if so!!! Wish I could say we were ready but I am afraid we may call it quits with 3. Part of me would like to see one more come home to us. Part of me thinks that would be CRAZY!!

Sue said...

Oh I hope that this little girl found her family!!!