Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I need a Mommy & Daddy

Fu Wei is Piper's Foster sister and is on our agency's list. I have meet her in person and have pictures and video of her. Piper even calls her on Skype. She is adorable & spunky. She has a form of dwarfism. I will try to post a picture, but please spread the word. This little girl needs a Mommy & Daddy!

Fu Wei’s name has been sent to the adoption agencies in America. She has been seen there by a few folk who look there for us. Now we have to yarp the right family in for her. This is Zhang Ying’s report on Fu Wei for the adoption agencies. I have not corrected any English errors because how it is is quite cute… you will have to look up Midgestim J or work it out from the photo below. We did think her bio mother and sister were coming to visit her, but the sister recently assured me that they were not really related by blood. She was one of the first children in Eagles’ Wings and she is thriving and a normal little girl in every way. Love changes things. She is fully sponsored and loved by many.

Fu Wei Report

Fu Wei is a girl who was born on 20th Oct 2000. Midgestim.

She was deserted on 12th Nov 2001 and came to Jiao Zuo orphanage.

She has been living in COAT eagles wings 3 from 2006.

Now she is a 9 years old girl and grows very well. You could hear her “bird” sound before you meet her.About putting on clothes,showering,having meals,she is very independent.She had meals in the same table with babies before because of her height.However,she thought she is an adult and asked to sit around the same tables with big children.she puts two stools togertherJ. After each meal,she tries her best to help ayis do some cleaning. For example: clean tables,sweep floors. She is a girl who likes ayi to work on her long hair every day to make it beautiful.In fact,Her hair is the longest in our girls.

Now she studies in XWLY from Monday to Friday and has good points each time.Her favorates is painting accord her thinking.Most of time,she shows others her pictures and gives to them as gifts. She doesn’t mind whether they are nice pictures or not. May be in her heart, all of pictures that she drawed are nice. As long as school has art programme,you could see her. She is good at dancing!

You could understand her words much better than before. She used to speak quickly so most of persons can’t understand her.The ayis tought her how to speak slowly and clearly,she tried her best to learn that.So we could communiacte with her well at moment .

In one word,she is a nice,happy girl and we love her much.

She is nine years old going on 19… here she is pushing Qing Qing home from school for lunch. Fu Wei’s hair comes down below her bottom. It is beautiful as is she. She is also the loudest kid in all of Eagles’ Wings J

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