Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Table For One Please

I was really craving a salmon sandwich today from a local restaurant, but no one was in the office to go with me. So, I went alone. I am not a huge fan of dining alone - something that my hubby loves to do - but I do enjoy doing it a couple of times a year. Today it was cold and windy, which is my kind of cozy. Tucking away in the corner of a restaurant with my yummy salmon sounded so so perfect. When I sat down a was a little shocked...

What shocked me the most was when I sat down I looked at a little sign on my table, which had the following phrase:

He who eats alone chokes alone.

WHAT? How is that for ruining my lunch. I had to over chew every bite!

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Duchess of Lanier said...

Checking in to say happy fall to you all. Isn't it the most amazing thing to have our little ones home and settled this year?! Looks like ya'll are making the most of it. Happy Christmas Countdown!