Monday, March 24, 2008

My Granny Smith Dell & Harrison's First Lunch Date

After losing both computers, my new refurb Dell showed up today. I got a really great deal, which is perfect for a really cheap gal. It's a Granny Smith Apple color and totally not-so-masculine for when hubby is using it in computer. Oh well, good thing my hubby is a good sport about some things - and I stress the "some things." I have not learned how to download my pictures from the camera yet -it took us 4 hours to get connection to the internet....I'm challenged. The good news is that Emma's mom burned me a disc of her pictures with Harrison and Emma since she bought her new computer and I can post a few of those for your viewing pleasure. Emma and her family are moving to Australia in a couple of weeks and we are not sure what we are going to do without them!

The pictures below are from Harrison and Emma's first lunch date with Harrison's own money. I believe it was early 2007 when Harrison brought his own wallet, with his own money, to McDonalds to buy the perfect lunch for his girl. At the time my mom suggested that I send the photos to McDonald's public relations department because they are just so cute. I should have listened to her, because the look on the manager's face and Harrison's face says it all. I look back now and can't believe how young he looks. Sometimes I stop in my tracks with how much I love this little man and how much better my life is with him in it. Of course the downside is that seeing these pictures reminds me that time is just flying by ....

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