Tuesday, April 29, 2008

100 Good Wishes Quilt for Baby Sissy

I need your help!

The secret is (ok, maybe not a secret but I like to pretend it is not true) that I am a expert procrastinator. Its something that I excel at, which is actually not a good thing. I have been trying to reform my ways after one of my dear friends called me out as a procrastinator a couple of weeks ago (yes, you Larken). Ok, back on task...

I need your help!

I have procrastinated too long and really need to start on Baby Sissy's 100 Good Wishes Quilt. What is the quilt? Its a tradition for families adopting from China to create a quilt with spcial fabrics from 100 different people - friends, family, and even those that do not know you, but desire to celebrate your new child. There are great stories about the history of the quilt, but I am supposed to be working on a project for work so I have to keep this short - see, I am such a procrastinator! Now the hard part - this is your part....I need to ask a favor of you (yes, you the readers). Would you like to participate in Baby Sissy's quilt and can you spare a square?

For those of you that would like to participate, the fabric needs to be 100% cotton and cut into approximately 1/4 yard square. In addition, we would be touched if you could also send a blessing, poem, or special words for Baby Sissy. The "wish" for Baby Sissy should be no larger than 4" x 6" so that we can create a scrapbook of all of the 100 wishes. We would be so honored if you choose to participate!

Please feel free to pick what ever special fabric you find or that means something unique to you. A few friends have asked if we have a theme or a look for the nursery....are, you kidding me....I am a procrastinator and Baby Sissy's room is still the "storage" room. On a serious note if you really want some help with what style to pick, I truly love (and, hopefully Baby Sissy will too) shabby chic, toile, and the fabrics with the adorable Asian girls or Asian themes.

If you would like to participate in Baby Sissy's 100 Good Wishes Quilt, please send me an email at armiller1972@yahoo.com and I will email you our address. Thank so much!

Oh, and speaking of procrastinating....did, I mention we have not even picked a name yet. My good friend Amy logged her vote today and in fact has resigned herself to calling Baby Sissy by "name." Amy, lets see if anyone else comes up with the same suggestion! I like somewhat unique names (yes, Ashley growing up in PA was a name no one heard of - things obviously changed when I moved to GA). If you have any suggestions - leave us a comment!


Anonymous said...

You know what I think:)


Sue said...

Will do the quilt square for you! I'll send an e-mail to get your address. Hmmmm.....not sure about a name though. How about a list that your family likes and then seeing what your readers like? Hey - I grew up in PA also!! And yes - I heard about the big batch of matches. How exciting you will be getting the call soon!!! WaHooo!