Saturday, May 3, 2008

King of the Mountain

Pa had a load of dirt delivered and Harrison put it to really good use! His favorite part was to climb to the top and scream "I am king of the mountain." He invited his friends over to play and they all had so much fun, but I forgot to take pictures of the gang. The ran up the hills, down the hills, ran into the hill, road bikes up and down the hill...who would have thought a pile of dirt could be so much fun. When it was time to go in that night, Harrison was so dirty.

The kids have been playing outside every night and there is not a single night that they don't come in covered with dirt and exhausted. Although, we have some clay stained clothes, it beats sitting inside and watching tv. The one BIG downside - ticks. Yuck, the mere word give you the heebee geebees, but its the price you pay to live in the woods.

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Kim said...

Looks like Harrison had lots of fun. I huge pile of dirt, what more could a little boy ask for!!