Sunday, May 4, 2008

Introducing the Drama Mama....

When God closes one door, He opens another!

Meet the "Drama Mama." She is beautiful even with icing colored teeth!

The Drama Mama is the nickname I have lovingly given Harrison's new friend who just moved in a few months ago across the culdesac. She has become Harrison's new sidekick and they love meeting every night on the long driveway for a couple hours of play. Were we so hoping that Harrison would find a new little playmate to become best buds with and we are so grateful for the Drama Mama. Yes, and you probably guessed it....she is a bit dramatic, but we love her!

When we heard that The Little Mrs. was moving to Australia, we were heartbroken for Harrison (and ourselves). She and Harrison had been best buds for a long time and I just wasn't sure how Harrison would do without her around. While we wish she was still here, we are thrilled with the newest addition to the Drama Mama to our lives. Nothing is better than pulling in the neighborhood and seeing the Drama Mama calling Harrison's name from the top of her driveway. Also, she actually comes over to see if Harrison wants to play. For those of you that know our house, we don't have many people that make the long trek down the driveway!

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Sue said... sweet! So happy that he has a new friend and that she is a sweetie pie. Is he gonna be OK when mei mei diverts some of that attention though?!!! ;)