Friday, June 13, 2008

A Big Bummer!

It was confirmed from our agency that they were unable to lock ANY shared list files this month. This is terrible news because while I hated being skipped, I really really hate that we weren't skipped because NO ONE got a referral. The agency isn't really posting any information why, but I have a couple of hunches.

Hunch #1 - our agency locked so many the 1st month that China made them sit out this month.

Hunch #2 - our agency just goofed and missed the night when the list went on the system and other agencies pulled the kids.

Hunch #3 - there were no profiles that matched those of us waiting. This is their story, but with over 200 families in line it just doesn't seem plausible.

The good news is an individual list was sent to our agency with 25 children on it. 70% were boys and no girls matched our profile, but 11 families have been matched.

What does all of this mean? I have absolutely NO IDEA!!! It is making me crazier than I normally am because who knows when we will get matched or what future months hold. Yuck, yuck, super yuck. Good thing I have a scrum-dilly yummy little man to love on :)


Sue said...

Ugh..... we were away for a few days and I was hoping I'd come back to my computer and see you hadn't posted!!! So sorry to hear that things weren't so good this month. Hang in there.... hopefully that phone call will come when you least expect it!!! (so have that referral info sheet attached to your phone girl!!!)

Bella's mama said...

Ashley I am so sorry to read about this delay~ this is a frustrating time, but if I can tell you no thing ~ when your little one is placed in your arms this will be just a faint memory in your journey to her.

Soon soon soon!!!!