Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Sissy Gets International Mail!

The Little Mrs. sent Baby Sissy the most wonderful fabric for her quilt. I love love love love it! Take a good look at the fabric. Do you see all of the beutiful kids that all look different? There is even a little Asian beauty! I absolutely love it and cannot imagine a more perfect fabric. Who would have thought that The Little Mrs. would have been able to find such a wonderful fabric in tiny Tumbarumba. In fact, Miss Lisa said that it was the only girl themed fabric in the entire store in their town - a store that sounds wonderful and reminds me of the town that Mike and I used to live in only better!

My boys look exhaused and tired - in fact the big boy hasn't slept in about 30 hours - but they both wanted to pose for The Little Mrs.

Thank you so much Emma and Lisa (and Ethan and Mat) for the wonderful fabric, amazingly beautiful wish card, and for your friendship. We miss you and think about you guys every day. In fact, I have to post the last picture as a sweet walk down memory lane. I know I have posted it before, but it is one of my favorites!

Ok, and a few more because I just can't help myself!

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