Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday "Diddy"

Harrison thinks it is hilarious to call Hubs "Diddy." I think its because the first time that he said it Mike and I both laughed our head off. Well, Diddy turned 37 on Friday. His birthday started with he and Minnie Mr. waking up at the Mtn. House. I called to say happy birthday and he said that waking up snuggling with the Minnie in the cool mountain air was the best birthday present. I then asked - what about your wife? He laughed and said. "Oh ya, oops." What a romantic!
Anyway, Mike went to eat with his mom and sisters before heading home. I then got to run home for an hour to see him before he had to leave for night shift. The Minnie Mr. and I got him a Scoobie Doo balloon, cookie cake, deep tissue massage and cards. The cards were what really got him. This was the first year that he had two cards from his kiddos: One from the Minnie Mr. and one from Baby Sissy. This is what Baby's Sissy's card said:
I know I haven't met you, but Mommy tells God, who tells me, that you are the best Daddy in the world. I love you already!
Baby Sissy
Needless to say, The Diddy barely made it through the card and was using it to fan his eyes at the end. Score one for Mommy, Minnie Mr. & Baby Sissy!!!!!
Oh, and Pa totally trumped our gift by giving Hubs a gift certificate for 2 full body massages and one facial at our favorite local spa. Hubs would probably be embarrassed if he know I posted about this, but I have turned him into a "spa man." He completely loves it and just like me - always wants to show up early for a little extra time in the "calming room."
Happy Birthday Hubs!
P.S. The crazy hubs picture was taken at his twin brother's graduation from college last month.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mr. Mike. I love you. When are you going to see baby sissy. I will come to her. And I love Harrison. The cows are running.
Love the Little Mrs.

The Hindsman's said...

Very sweet card from Baby Sissy! I was tearing up.