Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank You Jill!

My bloggie friend, Jill, is in China picking up her HANDSOME little guy who was at Eagles Wings 3 for about a month. She met my girl!! Gosh, I have been so lucky throughout this adoption to have such wonderful contact with Piper Qiu Han.

Look at that sweet face above. She looks a little sad. I cannot wait to kiss that face!

This picture above is with two of her close friends. I love how she is sandwiched between them.

Piper is in the corner of both pages. The first picture is Rivers (Jun Ting) who will be living a few states a way. The second picture is Felix who will be living in San Diego.


Aimee said...

New pictures! Love them!! I got some new pics this week too!!!!

Praying for that speedy TA.

Sue said...

Awwww....she sure is a cutie pie! Fingers crossed you will be making travel plans soon! And hopefully you are having fun getting those suitcases full of toys and pretty pink clothes!!!!

Heather said...

That frown won't be there much longer!!! She'll be all smiles when she learns about the love of family!