Monday, January 12, 2009

I've Been A Bad Blogger

Sorry for no new blog posts. I have been a bad blogger and have really been keeping busy by doing NOTHING since the new year. This weekend Harrison was sick and we literally stayed on the couch all weekend. It was so nice!

P.S. Tonight was the first time I heard "Hallow Mommy, Hallow BaBa, Hallow Hair-Den, I love you."


Heather said...

OH me- Piper has said I love you? too sweet

I am so excited it seems you will be at Eagle's Coat before your Jenny leaves!!! Yippee- I know how important that is to you. I can't wait for your darling to be in your arms.

When is Piper's birthday? I know she is 2, but can't remember her birth date.

Videos- Gosh, I get most all things from Walmart so I'd try there.

The Hindsman's said...

I bet that melted your heart when you heard that!!

Kristin said...

How sweet!! I know you can't wait to get to China. :-)

This weekend? We're home the whole time---and off school on Monday. Name the time and place!

littlemrs said...

That made me think of when the little mrs used to call Harrison "Haa Daa"