Sunday, January 18, 2009

Packing Help!

I bought a few of these little lovelies. I also have a bunch of jumbo zip locks. I am having a packing breakdown. Probably one of many. What do I pack, how much do I pack, what will I need that I am not thinking of?
If anyone has packing lists or suggestions can you please share?
I cannot believe that this is really happening!

Update (Sunday): Piper is completely packed. I was able to get all of her outfits, socks and tights, except 1 outfit and her coat into the packing cube. I also have a nice Ziploc of hair pretties. In the other packing cube, I have everyone's undies. For the adults we are bringing for the whole trip, throwing out and buying new when we get home. That probably is a bit too much info about my current selection :) I need about 10 more of Mike's and we are set in that cube. That leaves me 2 more cubes (second picture) and two envelopes (1st picture). The envelopes alone fit 20 pieces of clothing. I am getting excited that this is all coming together.


Jen & Bill said...

check you email at work :)
sent you our packing list.

Tina said...

OK, I'm freaking out right now.
Our LOA came Dec 30 and was dated Dec 25 too!! We haven't received TA yet but this is exciting, we are SO close. I have a packing list I can email to you later today.
(found you in the forum)
Tina H

blessedmom said...


You are not alone in the packing panic. I don't know what the pictures on your blog even are??? :>)) So I am feeling even more lost now.

But we are packing!! I can't beleive it is time to go.

Aimee said...

Hey! I am having a packing dilemma too!

OK, what are packing cubes??

Also, on China Adoption on Georgia (they are in china now)

Her mother has a packing list on the side link that will knock your socks off!!!!

Off to pack!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Congratulations! You are already sooo organized! How fun!

When you typed "Mike's" I thought for a minute you meant "Mike's Hard Lemonade" and thought... wow! she needs 10 more "mike's"...
that's a lot of "lemonade"...
hey, this packing thing must be really really stressful ;)
Smart of you to do the take-and-toss method!
And a bag full of hairbows? Fabulous!


littlemrs said...

wow - sounds like you are WAY overthinking!! My friend's rule of thumb always was pack what you think you need - then take half of it out........and for the most part she was right on the mark. Then again - we were always travelling to stay with family and had a washing machine (but not necessarily a dryer) at our finger tips. Go wild in the mini's section at target - the travel sized containers are great for trips where you are limited by weight/space. I have never used a packing cube in my life!

Heather said...

Oh how fun! I'm glad from LOA to TA was SO fast for you- it was super slow for us!! But you had waited MORE than your fair share for LOA! Go get that baby and don't worry- Jason packed super light and was proud for it! Get what you forget when you're there!(Bubbles might be fun for gotcha day!)

The Hindsman's said...

Take Duck Tape and don't forget the outlet converters.

Sue said...

Remember, you can have laundry done when you are there. It sounds like you are getting some lists, so you should be ready to go! I had a master list of everything we took, then used a highlighter for each item to know which bag it was packed in. Also - extra batteries so your cameras are working for Piper day!!!!!