Saturday, January 24, 2009

Travel Itinerary

1/26 Depart Atlanta at 11:55 a.m. for Seoul, Korea on Korean Air. Ride for about 15 1/2 hours. Try not to cry because I am a big baby on planes. Pray for no turbulance.
1/27 Arrive Seoul with 1:45 layover. Board plane to Beijing, China. See end of first entry.
1/27 Arrive Beijing, China at 8:30 p.m. and head to the Crowne Plaza Airport. Sleep. Try to convince hubby that I need a massage and facial at the spa.
1/28 Philip Hayden Foundation picks us up for a night at PHF. See where Piper lived for a year. Love on the kiddos and spend the night. Fall in love with the kids.
1/29 Play with the kids some more and then go back to Beijing to meet the group at Beijing Holiday Inn Downtown. Most of the group will be getting in today. Hopefully tour around a little that night while others sleep off jetlag. Hang out in the hotel.
1/30 Tour Beijing with group.
1/31 Tour Beijing with group.
2/1 Depart Beijing for Zhengzhou on China Southern flight CZ 3180 (11:40-13:00). Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan, where Piper QiuHan's sponsor orphanage is.
2/2 Walk to the Registration Office and meet Piper. Cry eyes out. Blow nose. Try not to be a spectacle. Fall in love with my new family. Meet Jenny - yes, after tons of prayers the officials have asked her to come bring the kids. This never happens and is truly a huge blessing. Cry some more.
2/3 Walk to Registration Office to finalize paperwork. Love on my two kids.
2/4 Travel to Eagles Wings to see where Piper has lived since August. Love on the kids and deliver donated items. Hopefully be one suitcase lighter, unless I can fit cute little kids in there. Try not to boo hoo when we leave those other kiddos behind.
2/5 Free time or optional tours.
2/6 Free time or optional tours.
2/7 Leave Piper's birth province for Guangzhou on China Southern flight CZ3971 (10:50-12:55). Hope that we soaked enough in to tell her all about it. Check into the White Swan - adoption family central!!
2/8 Free time. Explore island. Spend money. Love on family.
2/9 Piper's required physical. Shop and relax. Love on family.
2/10 US Consulate paperwork appointment. Love on family.
2/11 US Consulate oath appointment. Shop and enjoy last night on the island.
2/12 Take train to Hong Kong and check into Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Go to Disney after check-in. Feel the Magic!
2/13 Play at hotel and go to park again. More magic. Get kids ready for med and pack to get ready to leave. We will have to leave for the airport at about 8:30-9 p.m.

2/14 at 12:20 a.m. we will depart on Korean Air from Hong Kong to Seoul, Korea. We arrive in Seoul with the time change at about 5 a.m. Check into Seoul airport hotel and sleep. If we wake up, go to the indoor playground, shop at the mall, go to the spa, or watch tv in the room. After our 13 hour layover, board at about 5:30 for a direct flight to Atlanta. Arrive in Atlanta and clear customs. Once Piper's feet touch after clearing customs she is automatically a US Citizen! Get spiffed up and go up escalator to hopefully meet our friends and family who will be waiting for us. After all this flying, layovers, sleep, etc. we will still be arriving on Valentine's Day thanks to getting a day back on the way back over. Hope someone is there to cart our tried bodies back. Love on my Valentines and sleep.
2/15-3/22 Bask in the glory of being home full time with my babies.
3/23 - 5/31 Go back to work 3 days a week with 4 days a week to love on my babies. I think this will be dreamy.


Sweet Dreams said...

Whew. I'm a little tired just reading your itinerary! ;)
The kiddies (and the grown ups too) are going to have a blast at Disney! Safe travels to you friend!
Jenny G.

Duchess of Lanier said...

First, word verification is "goigns"... "GOING!"

It's so exciting to read your itinerary! It must be surreal to type it. How wonderful that you get the PHF trip as well as having hugging day be arranged the way you had hoped. Happy Happy Happy for you and looking forward to following along... NEXT WEEK!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Kristin said...

Well, you are leaving town before we actually got together. But now when we do have a playdate, you'll have Piper too!

Have a wonderful, amazing trip. Please tell me you are taking the laptop!

SoFlaMom said...

Wow, what a great itinerary. I can't wait to read about your journey.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to follow along! Have a wonderful trip!

Carrie (in TX) from CCAIWCP

ABM said...

I'm so excited. I am going to Skype you tomorrow.


Amy said...

THanks for posting all the details--can't wait to follow along! We won't be too far behind you. May God answer your prayers for peace and comfort and smooth flights. May it all work out even better than you could have asked or imagined!

~Amy in FL

Torrie said...

Happy travels. I am so giddy with excitement for you! Don't forget to update the blog, haha! Although if you miss a day or two we will understand. :)

Jen & Bill said...

Have a great trip. Cannot wait to see your travels in china!

Sue said...

Wow!!!! Have a wonderfully uneventful trip tomorrow! And enjoy every last second of your time in China! What a wonderful trip this is especially since you will get to visit PHF (for a night!) and see Eagle's Wings! (fingers crossed you CAN sneak home that suitcase!!!)
Can't wait to see you with your TWO babies!!!!

Melissa in FL said...

Love this itinerary - especially your personal touches! Am especially looking forward to see what you think of HK Disneyland as we are Disney junkies and are also hoping to make a stop on our adoption trip.

:) Melissa in FL

HT said...

the ititerary sounds exhausting! i know you are having fun and am horribly jealous that i'm not there sharing your family time! but i am so happy this trip is finally here for you!!