Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Baby's Room

We used Piper's room as the packing room so now that I have pulled the suitcases out, I can see the finished product. I really like it. It is a tiny room, but once we got everything in it the room seemed to be the perfect size.

The bench and hutch was mine as a little girl and I love that I can give it to Piper. Harrison loved using it and called it his "kitchen," but he agreed to let Piper keep it in her room.

I just bought the ballerina bedskirt yesterday and I love how it looks. My friend from work, Jason, gave me the quilt from his father's business. Isn't it adorable?

I love seeing Piper's picture in the frames. The book next to the frame is so adorable and I had never seen it. It is perfect for Piper.

And the dollhouse....we went with my mom and Jack (Pa) to Disney all the time. The last time was 7 days before she was diagnosed. While we were there, she said she wanted to buy the castle dollhouse for "Baby China." Since we thought we would be back one more time before referral, we waited. After she died, I gave Harrison and Mike a trip to Disney. It was really to force us all to go back as soon as possible and just deal with it. We went and had a wonderful and emotional time. About 3 weeks after we returned a gift arrived from Disney from "Mom." Mike had remembered and had ordered it for me for Piper. The old guys is pretty good some time!

P.S. The little green play table was also mine as a child. The top has the alphabet and cute kiddie pictures on it. I just love it.


Duchess of Lanier said...

Love love love her room! Especially all the fmailie ties.
Hope you are somehow napping right now.
I'll be thinking of you midday tomorrow. You'll be fine!
See you in CHINA, dear!

Dana said...

Your baby's room is so cute! I am so excited for you leaving today to bring her home. I wish you a safe and smooth trip to China.Can't wait to see pics from the trip.


Nancy said...

Piper has a beautiful room the only thing missing is her. Pretty soon she will be to enjoy it.
Have a safe trip and have fun.

NB Canada

The Hindsman's said...

So sweet! Next time you see Piper's will be introducing her to her very own bedroom! Have fun in China!

HT said...

her room looks fabulous and i love every bit of it and i know she will too. can't wait to see her playing in it!