Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Pictures of Cuties

The kids are all so amazing. It literally was like meeting old friends. It is so funny to see the personality of each child and interact with them. Holly cried when she first saw me, but on day 2 she was huggy.
"Nick" was one of the first children to run to me on day one. He is very loving and sweet. He loved to see his picture in the camera.

"Charlotte" is delicate and darling. She is so tiny and loved posing for the pictures.
"Evan" was too cute. At first he would just look at me, then he started to mimic me. I will try to post pictures of his imitating me.

"Cole" was funny and friendly. He also gave me tons of love and I told him that I would see him soon since he would be living a few minutes away.
"Nicholas" was so adorable. He has dimples and Mike instantly fell in love.

Moms and Dads, please do not forget to email me when we get home. I downloaded over 100 pictures of the kids and I will email them to you directly.


Marcy said...

Ashley- What an amazing experience! The children look so happy and loved there. I am so glad you had the opportunity t o go!
I am so enjoying your blog! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You are a doll!!! Thank yo for the photos of Cole! I really appreciate your special comments about each child. It really helps- as you well know. It looks like you really had a good time with the kids. I bet you are just beside yourself as you anticipate your Gottcha Day. Looking forward to following along with you.
jen thompson

Heather Thompson said...

The kids are just adorable! It's great to see you all are there and doing well:)
Heather (FL)

Sue said...

Oh how wonderful!!!! They are all so sweet and I know you enjoyed just giving out the hugs and smiles and lots of attention! Did anyone fit in your bag? ;)

Keri said...

I am really living vicariously through you right now! What beautiful children. I have chosen at least a half a dozen for my own. So happy you are getting to do this.