Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Need Me On That Wall!

Our first glimpses.

Yikes, that looks steep.

The gang getting ready to go.

I love this picture of the tree.

The locks are a symbol of love. You engrave the lock, chain it to the Great Wall and throw the key over the side.

Me and my Minnie on the Wall.

At the first rest stop. Uggg, just seeing the picture gives me the same feeling in my tummy!

Janie and Summer (Rivers' Mom and sister)

Summer and Me at the top of the tower. We moved mountains of fear to get our fannies up there!

Madie and I resting at the watch house. Mandie is adopting "Charlie" from PHF, who is with Jenny at EW3 right now. We will get our kiddos together.
Janie and Eric - Rivers' parents.

Don't look down!

Janie's prince charming coming to get her.

A last glimpse from the last stop.


Kristin said...

I am loving your updates! I hope you get your camera fixed. :-(

Jill said...

Ashley, What stunning photos!!!! I am so jealous now that we had to fly into Hong Kong! Beijing looks GORGEOUS!!