Saturday, January 31, 2009

Its A Small World After All

I was chatting with one of my travel mates the other day, Shannon King, and we were talking about Atlanta. They are from Smyrna so we were talking about where we live, etc. She mentioned that she homeschools, but that her husband's mom is a teacher in East Cobb and wants them to move there. I said, Oh, I lived in East Cobb and that is where I went to school. Really? Well, Dee (husband) went to Walton High School. What??? Me too!! And, Dee's mom is a teacher at Dickerson Middle School. I went to Dickerson Middle School. Amazing!
So, as I lay awake the other night at 3 a.m. I started thinking. King....King....could his mom be Lynn King, who was not only one of my favorite middle school teachers, but one of my sister's also? The next morning I asked, and the answer was YES!
Here we are in China and I am traveling with my middle school teacher's son. I also remember that his dad and my dad worked together for a while in the 80s, but he doesn't seem to remember that. I will have to wait to see when he talkes to his parents if that memory turns out to be something.

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The Hindsman's said...

That is too funny! It is a small world!