Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Frog Races at the WD Park

Harrison is such a great brother and while he has his typical 5 year old times, his ability to welcome Piper into our family has been amazing. He loves having a sister and I think even when she is bugging him, he loves that he is being bugged. Oh and when he talks sweet to her....ugggh, it just melts your heart. These pictures are when he let her ride his frog. As he said "Brother will go real slow so you don't fall off. Hold onto Brother."
This picture below shows Piper's typical surprise face. It is hilarious and she does it often.

The thrill is now wearing off for Harrison and he wants to race slowly. You can see his face transforming right before his sister gets the boot.

Piper trying to shimmy off and Harrison with a big grin that he is about to go fast.

Wait...still not off.

After Piper left the frog race, she decided to ham it up a bit with Harrison's Hulk hat. Actually a Piper Hulk hat would be quite fitting since she is not so delicate.

Piper looking a bit gangsta....

One of my favorite things to do on vacation was to walk to the neighborhood park. Taking the kids to any park reminds me of an absence of time. There is no rush to go anywhere, you are putting away all of your other obligations and just focusing on the kids. I think I envision that stay at home moms go to the park daily. Not a reality, but it is what I equate with being home with kids so when I get to do it I just love it.


ABM said...

ROFL! I thought I would be able to do so many fun things with the kids until I actually started staying home. Now, I'm busier than I was when I worked outside the home and we go to the park about as much as you do:)

Larken said...

You mean one of your favorite things wasn't seeing me and Regan?????
I mean really, that should be the highlight of your entire life!

Heather said...

YEAH!!! Pictures!!!! Wow, she looks so perfectly fit! She is so tall. Our Lily is so tiny. George is about to outweigh her. Piper looks so healthy. I love the smiles! So glad all things are working out well and she has found her perfect fit in the family!

blessedmom said...

Love these pictures. Glad you got your camera back. We need to get the girls together on the computer.