Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mandarin Immersion Class

Since we have back from China, Piper has been taking Chinese Immersion Class with Lana and Ruby. Piper is seeming to really warm up to her new buddies. After the last class, she was hysterically crying and screaming "I need Lana." She was so exhausted after the class that we went home for a nice LONG nap. I hope the girls stay friends for a long long time.

(p.s. sorry the post is a bit lack luster...I think I am having a crabby night.)


Kristin said...

Sorry your night is crabby. Mine is less than creative. Maybe when I get home, I will update our blog!!

Love the pics of the girls though. Too cute!!!

littlemrs said...

How fabulous that Piper has such an awesome opportunity to attend such a class! I'm sure she will have life long buddies from it! Doesn't it just break your heart when they cry like that ;(

Amy said...

Very cool that they are able to take Chinese classes! Where do they do that? Hope your day today is less than crabby...I had a long night with out Lilly and am hoping the day ahead is better as well!

Chan said...

Aww... Lana misses Piper too! She is always talking about one friend or another from our Chinese class. I also hope they will be lifelong buddies! Lana also likes to use the word "need"... what funny girls! See Piper soon!