Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec 28th

Today started out a bit like the movie, Groundhog Day - more french toast at the White Swan. After breakfast we had to wait in our room while Maggie went and handled our paperwork at the US Consulate. At 10:30 a.m. we got the call that our paperwork was ok at the Consulate and we could leave the room. Since Piper was not feeling well last night, she and Parker stayed home for a special day with Daddy and Harrison and I went with the group to the Pearl Market, Pet Market and Medicine Market.

I did not expect to buy anything at the Pearl Market - oops - instead I bought about 6 things at really great prices! Then we did our favorite thing - we walked through the markets. I have so many great pictures that I will have to update once we get home. Harrison and I loved the adventure and I am so glad we went. We saw puppies, kitties, turtles, hamsters, bunnies, fish, scorpions and sadly, tiger paws.

On our walk home we passed a man without any legs who was begging for money. I walked by and Harrison was so appalled that I just walked by that he stopped me and asked for money to go back. I dug around and found him some and back he went. That was the first time I almost cried. Then, we rounded the corner and time #2 hit.

As we finished crossing the bridge, there was a woman pushing a child in a wheelchair with a sign that the young boy was holding. I knew that it was a sign begging for money, but what got me is that when I looked at the little boy he had a serious case of hydrocephalus and he was probably 3. I knew that under other terms that could have been my babies. Parker has hydrocephalus and I just kept seeing his face in that little boys. It was very hard to walk past him, but I didn't want Harrison to notice.

We rushed back and loaded up for our visit to the US Consulate. It was all kids over 2 and there were TONS of amazing kids and their new families. LOVED seeing all of them.

Once back, we headed to the Japanese restaurant in our hotel. Our travel mates had raved about it, but we did not really like it. Now we are snug back in our hotel room - have I mentioned how great and worth the money the suite is? I am about to take a bath in our huge soaking tub with the bath salts and the candle, then I am going to snuggle in and read my book. I figure it may be the only peace that I have for a while. Stinker Butt - aka - Parker is into everything so I know going home is going to be tough. We are going to have to put Harrison's Legos under lock -n-key.

Oh, and its my birthday. Happy Birthday To Me!


Kristin said...

Happy birthday to you!! What a great way to spend your birthday. =)

Oh, and we got the suite when we were there too. Loved it!

Heather Thompson said...

I'm glad you got to enjoy your birthday! I loved just walking through the markets too and hope to again someday with all three of my little ones. As for the flight home, did you take some Benadryl? We gave Drew a meltaway as we boarded and he slept like a dream! Try it before hand to be sure he doesn't react by getting hyper but it just might be your ticket;) Enjoy these last moments before real life starts again:D

kim said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!! Parker is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to meet him even if he screams lol(he will eventually love me)..Piper and Harrison look like they have grown so much since yall have been gone, I miss them so much!!

joanna and scott said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Christmas and your birthday in China!! Glad things are going so much better with Parker, can't wait to see more pictures!! How sweet of Harrison, I would've cried too, you've taught him well!! The child in the wheelchair sounds heartbreaking!! Glad the consulate visit is over, you'll be home soon and start baby-proofing that house!!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Just Like Joan said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!