Monday, December 27, 2010

Shamian Island

Sorry I have not updated. The internet at the White Swan has been going in and out. Also, now my pictures won't download from my Iphone - my only camera since the other one broke. Here is a little breakdown of what we have done.
1. Eaten way TOO MUCH french toast at the breakfast buffet.
2. Played and made way too much noise in our room.
3. Gone to Lucy's 2x - maybe that was 1x too much.
4. Walked the Island and shopped a bit.
5. Fallen for one little stinker butt.
Today, I spoiled myself and went to the Chinese Medical Massage place on the Island for a back and foot massage. Last time, two of my travel mates went with me, but this time no one would come so I went alone. It was wonderful. 70 minutes of massage for $16 US - including tip. I totally want to go back tomorrow!
Tomorrow we head to the US Consulate to take the citizenship oath for Parker. We also have an optional pearl market tour and Pearl River Boat dinner cruise. Plus its my b-day! Piper came down with a fever of 101.8 tonight. Our great guide walked off island to get children's Tylnol. It worked great and broke her fever. We also started her on antibiotics.


Heather Thompson said...

So glad to see an update this morning:) So onto your list:
1. YAY for the WS breakfast buffet!
2. Double YAY for lots of playing although I don't know how long you'll last in that room. Oh wait, you got the bigger suite, right?! SWEET! ;)
3. Yeah, I wasn't that into Lucy's personally but it did help with the homesickness a bit.
4. Another Double YAY for shopping;) (this from the shopaholic)
5. And BIGGEST YAY for falling for that adorable stinker;) (of course it wasn't hard but still...!)

I know you're ready to come home and thankfully, you're almost there! It's hard to believe you're oath day is tomorrow... memories! So, so excited for you all!! :D I hope Piper is feeling better and that you enjoy a wonderful birthday!!!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Congratulations on making to the downhill coast home! Glad everyone is feeling rested and getting healthy again. Happy countup to coming home!

Anonymous said...

What a truly wonderful month with getting your new son and spending the holidays in China and celebrating your bday. Have a wonderful time!..Jen g.

Heather said...

Glad to hear your are getting some loving time in & Happy Birthday!